The Glow Up Challenge


The missing link in weight loss/ the fitness world:

If fat loss were as simple as you grabbing a fitness program and eating only certain foods, wouldn’t everyone be fit?

How to lose fat is simple.. eat right and workout right… right??

I believe the missing links are these:

  • mental health- stress management, sleep, addressing issues that seem like they have nothing to do with fitness
  • FUN- fun outside the gym and in
  • support- no one should have to make life changes alone

This is exactly why I have created the Glow-Up Challenge.

Because I know that the way to a LASTING, lifestyle weight loss change isn’t just giving you a cookie cutter workout plan.

It’s also supporting you through it.
It’s also checking in on the emotional side.
It’s also about finding like minded people with similar goals.

When you enroll in this challenge you will immediately receive:

  • 6 weeks of strength training workouts that can be done at home or in the gym
  • 6 mental health challenges (1 per week of the challenge)
  • 6 of my favorite super easy recipes
  • access to the private FB group. This is where we will all communicate throughout the 6 week challenge.
  • support throughout the 6 weeks from me and my team

You deserve to be doing a program that actually works and shows you results. And you deserve to feel like you are truly living your best life.

So are you in?

We *officially* start Monday, April 19th!

I can’t freaking wait!!

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